The links between Morse, Lewis and Endeavour

'Morse', the creation of Colin Dexter, has been immortalized on television by John Thaw. When he sadly passed away far too early at age 60 in 2002, the series was continued as 'Lewis', the name of his trusty sidekick. Then, after 32 episodes, Kevin Whateley, the actor who had played Robert Lewis, decided that it was enough. He had played Robert Lewis for a total of 65 episodes.
[John Thaw, Kevin Whately, Colin Dexter]
But the series didn't end there. The creators harked back to the very beginning, to the early days of Morse. So, we find 'Endeavour', played by Shaun Evans, back in the sixties.

Can we find any link between Morse, Lewis and Endeavour besides Colin Dexter, the genius who created them all and had a cameo in a total of 50 episodes of the three series.

We can point to John Thaw and Abigail Thaw, his daughter who plays Dorothea Frazil in 'Endeavour'. But that lonely fact does not include Lewis. We can also mention the composer Barrington Pheloung, known for the theme and incidental music to the Inspector Morse television series, the sequel Lewis and the prequel Endeavour. But he didn't really perform in the series.

No, the only person who has performed in all three incarnations is Janis Kelly, heralded as a 'singing actress of near genius' by the Sunday Times, who 'has such natural grace and emotional eloquence that she cannot fail to touch the heart', according to the Independent.
Janis Kelly sang "Caro nome" and "Signore, ascolta" on Inspector Morse in the episode 'The Death of the Self' (1992). She sang in a number of episodes of Lewis: "Voi Che Sapete" from "Le Nozze Di Figaro" in 'Old School Ties' (2007), "Als Die Alte Mutter" in 'Expiation' (2007), "Wesendonck Lieder" in 'Music to Die For' (2008) and “Wenn dein Mütternlein” in 'Allegory of Love' (2009). To conclude, she sang “Un bel di vendremo” from Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" in the Pilot of Endeavour (2012).

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