'The name is James Secretan... err... Bond'

According to an early draft of his debut novel Casino Royale, Ian Fleming, creator of the famous James Bond, had originally planned to call his fictional spy James Secretan when on undercover missions.

"Ian's first idea was to give James Bond an assumed name as his cover. He must have realized it would cause confusion if he had Bond known as Bond to his friends and the security services in London, but as Secretan for his cover name to strangers or people he didn't want to know he was a spy," the author's niece, Kate Grimond, told 'The Sunday Times'. Grimond said the name Secretan was probably inspired by the 19th century Swiss philosopher Charles Secrétan. “I’ve no proof but I do know Ian was interested in philosophy,” she said. “He also often chose names from people he knew or had heard of – sometimes an amalgam of more than one person.”
In the manuscript, a secret agent from the CIA introduces himself to the secret agent of MI6 at the Hotel Splendide casino saying: "My name's Felix Leiter. Glad to meet you.". Bond replies: "Mine's Secretan. James Secretan".

Fleming reconsidered his choice of names and the word "Secretan" is scrawled out in blue ink, with "Bond" written in its place.
In the draft, Miss Moneypenny was originally called Miss Pettavel. Her name and character were based on Kathleen Pettigrew, personal assistant to Stewart Menzies, the then director-general of MI6.

An extract from the 1952 draft version has been made public to coincide with the book’s 60th anniversary.

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