James Bond's Spectre: The Memorial Wall

So many secret agents have died while trying to secure the safety of their fatherland. Even if we regard a fictional agent like James Bond, one would like to see that those who have perished would have their name mentioned on a memorial wall.
In the upcoming movie Spectre there is such a wall and many names of fallen agents appear on that list. But, on closer inspection, there is a major problem.

All the names engraved on that wall are not those of secret agents that have been killed in action, but rather some randomly chosen names of people who've been working in the arts department of the companies that worked on Spectre, Skyfall or even The Bourne Identity.
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I feel that is a grave mistake. Bond may just be a fictional figure, but real people have given their lives for safeguarding their country from terror and I think those ghosts should have been remembered on that wall. Since Dr. No (1965) so many (fictional) agents have died in the movies of James Bond that they earned their rightful place on the (fictional) memorial wall.

No, This is just a ridiculous prop from the deluded arts department, but they've surely misjudjed the power of the age of the internet. It's simply not right.

One might expect that even an arts department would honour those who have fallen in the service of their country in Bond's universe.

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